Samson Art School: Self Paced – Videos Only


Taking the “Samson Art School – Self-Paced” course at your own speed means that you have complete control over the pace of your learning. This approach allows you to work through the course content at a speed that suits your individual needs, preferences, and schedule. The self-paced format of the course ensures that you have the flexibility to learn at a speed that works for you. You can revisit the course material as often as you need to and take your time to practice each new skill or technique until you feel comfortable and confident.

At the end of the course, you’ll have developed a portfolio of artwork that reflects your unique style and artistic talents, and you’ll have gained a deep understanding of a range of art techniques and mediums.

A new series of classes, suitable for everyone who wants to explore visual art.  Learn how to capture a wide range of subject matter using diverse drawing and painting media and techniques.

Develop an understanding of how to express yourself visually and build confidence in your artistic skills!

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